Karl's Bavarian Brass originate from?

The band are from the Middle England.

Do you only perform within the Midlands?

Karl's Bavarian Brass perform throughout the UK.

Does the show encourage audience participation?

Is the Pope a.......? Our show is overflowing with audience participation.

It is compulsary to sway, slap, clap, sing, bang the tables.....then there is the beer!!!

What kind of venue do you like to play?

All types. Large or small.

How do we set out the venue?

Set tables out lengthwise, end on away from the stage/band. Similar to a German Bier Kellar.

What type of people do you perform to?

All sorts of people - students through to pensioners.

Are Oompah/Bavarian nights popular?

Our shows are extremely popular, they never go out of fashion.

All kinds of event and venues?  Bet you've never performed at a funeral.

Oh yes we have!  (the wishes of the deceased!)


                                                    VE HAV VAY'S OF MAKING YOU HAPPY