This is the archive page of Karl's Bavarian Brass Bavarian Oompah Band
Over many years Karl's Bavarian Brass have honed the finest, most entertaining show, using the combined skills and performing backgrounds of the band members.  Players with Jazz Band, Brass Band, Rock Band and Big Band experience.  We have musicians who have played the Blackpool Tower Organ, acted on stage in musical comedy shows, sung Handel's Messiah, performed in "Boobs and Brass"! 
We have players who teach or have taught youngsters to play a variety of musical instruments.
We have had instruments flattened on stage by exuberant audience members.  Accidently, of course!!
Clients have advertised Karl's Bavarian Brass in the press as "Carl's Bavarian Brass".  We have been introduced on stage as "Karl's Band", "Karl's Brass Band", "Karl's Umpah Band".  Doh!!!  They might get our name right one day.
The stories we could tell and the sights we have seen..........
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