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This is the archive page of Karl's Bavarian Brass Bavarian Oompah Band
Over many years Karl's Bavarian Brass have honed the finest, most entertaining show, using the combined skills and performing backgrounds of the band members.  Players with Jazz Band, Brass Band, Rock Band and Big Band experience.  We have musicians who have played the Blackpool Tower Organ, acted on stage in musical comedy shows, sung Handel's Messiah, performed in "Boobs and Brass"! 
We have players who teach or have taught youngsters to play a variety of musical instruments.
We have had instruments flattened on stage by exuberant audience members.  Accidently, of course!!
Clients have advertised Karl's Bavarian Brass in the press as "Carl's Bavarian Brass".  We have been introduced on stage as "Karl's Band", "Karl's Brass Band", "Karl's Umpah Band".  Doh!!!  They might get our name right one day.
The stories we could tell and the sights we have seen..........
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 A Testimonial from Mary Stevens Hospice

Bavarian Oompah Night is a Blast!

Sellout success for Karl's Bavarian Brass!

Oompah Success, on Friday 15th February The Mary Stevens Hospice held its first Bavarian evening at Amblecote British Legion, where a crowd of supporters about 150 strong, were split into two teams and proceeded to raised the roof. It was a great success, with much frivolity and dancing occurring throughout the evening. 

Karl's Bavarian Brass were fantastic, a huge crowd pleaser; nobody got away with simply sitting down!! A big thank you to every one who supported the event it netted over 1,000 pounds for the hospice. 

Hospice fundraiser Claire Holmes said "If you have never experienced a Bavarian Oompah night, you have missed a trick, especially with the quality of these lads, they really got everyone involved and singing along. Hats off to them!"

Competition for places on the run up to the event was fierce, and inevitably some were dissapointed that tickets had sold out. Therefore due to popular request, we are now planning to invite the band back again for another Bavarian evening next year at a larger venue so keep your eyes open for further information!!

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Karl's Bavarian Oompah Nights Are A Blast!!!

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